Using my qualification as a professional soft play provider, I aim to provide a  safe and fun party solution to anyone who needs something special for their little ones!

With extensive experience in party organisation and décor, and having two young children of my own, I know how hard it can be to organise a unique birthday party. Party provision for the most part includes laser tag, bowling, meals out or soft play venues. Of these only the last is truly suitable for young children.

Yet these venues can be expensive to hire, with various minimum charges, and aloud, busy environment that can be daunting for young children. Even those with dedicated areas for under 2’s and under 5’s don’t always properly police the areas in order to ensure older children do not cause any accidental injuries – and most venues offer catering packages that do not include food or party bags suitable for the youngest attendees.

By hiring your soft play equipment direct from Giddy Kipperz, my trained operatives can construct an area that is safe and contained, for all ages up to 5.  you can choose which equipment you feel is best suited to the ability of your children, and we can offer guidance on which toys are safe and appropriate for them.  This also frees you from the financial shackles of a soft play venue, allowing you to control menus and favours, and giving you the peace of mind seldom found at busy, crowded venues when it comes to little ones.

We stock a range of different toys and blocks for everyone, and can cater for all types and sizes of venues including houses – all individually customisable to add a very  personal but fun and fantastic touch to your little one’s special day.

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your event!
Lisa and Paul Waring,  Owners